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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the main information coordination use cases. A compelling BI measure fuses everything from prescient investigation to detailing and activities the board. In any case, such an exhaustive examination structure requires coordinated endeavour information to distinguish measure failures, botched chances, and other improvement territories.We use popular data analytics languages like Hadoop, R, Python, SQL, JavaScript, etc. and integrate them with popular BI platforms to help you visualize data.

What Complicates BI Integration?

Given that venture data originates from various sources in shifting organizations and frequently contains irregularities, copies, and mistakes – clients must guarantee that quality issues recognized during the information extraction measure don’t engender to their outcome. These unchecked yields sway the uprightness and exactness of detailing, which thus adversely impacts dynamic prompting further failures across business measures.Making very much characterized combination measures that unite information as well as normalize it for consistency and quality can make great information promptly accessible for dynamic.

We Enable Your Data to Decision Process

Progressed Analytics

Predictive information demonstrating, Customer and Marketing Analytics, Risk Analytics and Operational Analytics arrangements utilizing our area, device, and factual mastery.

Data Management

Data guide and procedure, Data Unification and solidification of Enterprise-wide information, Enterprise Data Warehousing.

Examination on Unstructured Data

Social Media Analytics, Text Mining arrangements, Integration of Structured and Unstructured Data, Predictive Models with factors dependent on unstructured information.

Big Data Services

Evaluation of Big Data Technologies, Migration to Big Data stages, Big information labs to exhibit pilots.

Business Intelligence

Packaged BI arrangements, Enterprise Performance Management, Reporting, Visualization and Dashboards.

Some Big Data tools to coordinate it with BI


Easy to utilize, intuitive report originator, lets you assemble intelligent crosstabs, tables and graph-based reports utilizing a standard program. With Hadoop joining you can undoubtedly satisfy intermittent or specially appointed announcing needs.

Power BI

It is a notable suite which incorporates information integrator and amazing perception revealing instrument. Pentaho gives graphical simplified parts for Hadoop biological system activities, for example, Sqoop and Oozie, radically lessening the measure of time expected to utilize these amazing mass information burden and work process utilities.


It gives direct associations with most mainstream Hadoop dispersion like Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM InfoSphereBigInsights, MapR, Pivotal.