Metaverse - The Rise of New Technology

The next generation of the internet is metaverse" It is a new beginning to create something new, much like the early days of the Internet. It is a simulated digital environment that combines augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), blockchain, and social media principles to create areas for rich user interaction that imitate the real world. The metaverse also helps users in creating, sharing, or trading experiences and assets.

Mobiloitte’s Solutions

1. Dynamic Development of 3d Models
2. Virtual Tours to Multiple 3d Models or Sections Developed
3. Mall Development for Incorporating NFT Marketplace
4. City Development with all 3d Models

Features of Metaverse We Offer


The metaverse infrastructure should provide a guarantee of very low delays, incredibly fast speeds, and improved capacity. Strong infrastructure provides the basis for seamless emotion, based on values ​​for all users in the metaverse.

Human Interface Technologies

Transporting users into the infinite immersive spaces of the metaverse. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, and PCs can also serve as metaverse access points when combined with appropriate features.

Digital Avatars

Digital avatars are one of the most important elements in metaverse design. Users can create digital avatars to express their feelings and emotions in metaverse in an unusual way.


The metaverse decentralization feature plays an important role in determining user freedom. Therefore, the decentralization feature can easily distinguish metaverse from the internet

Benefits of Metaverse

Innovation in Healthcare

The visible world in the metaverse can help healthcare professionals interact with the patient in real-time environments. Metaverse provides excellent opportunities to facilitate interaction between patients and healthcare professionals, irrespective of local boundaries.

Metaverse and Exciting New Games

The metaverse has opened the door to a new genre of games. With the decentralized economic models, engineers and publishers can allow users to experience economic returns from their game experience.

Completely New Economy

The metaverse facilitates the exchange of goods between users in different spaces of the metaverse. The economic dynamics associated with metaverse blockchain environments such as Defi, NFTs, and blockchain games also show how they can lead to a completely new economy.

Metaverse Solutions We are Offering

Decentralized Platforms

In terms of the need for your project, we created the Decentralized Platform for Gaming, Social, Trading. Our services cater to your UI / UX design requirements, front and rear upgrades, smart contracts, voice usage and everything else.

Metaverse Applications

To give users a premium interface to enjoy your Metaverse, we create easy-to-use applications that include specific blockchain attributes such as default, privacy, transit, and user independence.

3D spaces

We provide 3D space design and development services for Metaverse projects, expanding their application to new ideas. Our services include 3D visibility, 3D modeling, and Application components.

Integration Services

We provide integration services to help improve the features and functionality of your Metaverse, and improve it to provide more in-depth user experience. Our service portfolio includes system consultation and integration services for APIs, Data, Ecosystem tools and Service-based Architecture.

Metaverse Games

To help you trust the future of the gaming world, we create and present a playable metaverse by combining impressive 3D visual effects, 'play-to-earn' games with NFTs for building and trading, live game streaming, value exchange cryptos and much more.

Metaverse Social Media

Aligned with the economics of the new era of virtual socialization, we are helping you launch a metaverse of social media that provides better communication, more natural and clearer sense, and 3D environments at the next level of visual interaction, providing more realities in how users connect, interact. and share.

Metaverse Marketplaces

If you are thinking of introducing a Metaverse market like Decentraland or Axie Infinity, we can help you with the technology and development component. From design to analysis to full stack development, we provide ultimate upgrade services.

Non Fungible Tokens

We help transform your Metaverse with NFTs by opening up NFT trading opportunities. Our NFT token creation helps your users gain full ownership of their assets within the metaverse, and utilizes NFT trading benefits such as value recognition, reselling and royalty.

Metaspace Marketing

We understand the need for youth in the metaspace marketing approach. Whether it is about awareness, or defining ideas or setting up a forum as a solution, we help set your Metaverse as a visual platform for the future for new information.

How do We Support Your Metaverse Project?

Decentralized Network

We are hosting your Metaverse project on a high computer network bandwidth, which promotes distributed data transfers across real-time real-time connections.

Interoperable Standards

To support 3D applications and 3D objects for your Metaverse project, we use open and useful media standards, such as text, images, audio, video, 3D scenes, 3D objects, 3D sequences, and vectors.

Full Stack Programming

To improve frontend and backend, we use open source programming standards such as HTML, JavaScript, WebXR, WebAssembly, WebGPU Shader Language, etc.

Smart Contract

In order to promote transparent and non-transparent activities within your Metaverse, we create and implement smart contracts, providing additional security and efficiency in your Metaverse.

Payment Wallet

To provide your Metaverse users with the best payment system worldwide, we offer crypto payment wallets and gates, powered by new technologies such as Swap, Liquidity pools, etc.

Maintenance & Upgrade

For your Metaverse to achieve maximum usability and reliability, we provide maintenance and upgrade services, ensuring that your network, nodes, smart contracts are not subject to expiration.

Metaverse Development Tech Stack

We use the most advanced 3D modeling engines and tools and Blockchain technology to create attractive information, realistic graphics and build the digital economy of your metaverse world.

Unreal 5

Photorealistic 3D engine, Unreal 5 is used in games and other visual metaverse projects to create an amazing user experience. Metaverse digital twins made with Unreal Engine are used by cities such as Shanghai, China or Tampa, FL to plan development, or to improve infrastructure and public services.


One of the most popular multiplayer game engines online, Unity is a powerful metaverse architecture tool designed for a wide audience. Real-time 3D viewing in VR built with Unity tools is used to train and develop staff, monitor infrastructure and data flow and create realistic models of buildings and cities.

NVidia Omniverse

NVidia's powerful 3D engine is used by engineers, climate scientists, urban planners, manufacturing companies and other professionals to develop complex, anti-realistic simulations to train staff, disaster response management or traffic flow modeling.

Horizon Worlds Oculus

The new virtual world introduced at the end of 2021 parent company Meta (a.k.a. Facebook) has brought a whole range of opportunities for people to share, learn and create their own facts. We will guide you through creating an engaging reality experience for your product in the world of Horizon.

Blockchain Development

Metaverse worlds are different from the usual games in being permanent - which happens there, leaving a mark and changing the meta world. Blockchains can be developed to record those changes - from market creation to contracts, weddings, and the creation of new local symbols. Blockchain can be the backbone of any financial metaverse or social system.

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Why Choose Mobiloitte for Metaverse Development Solutions?

Metaverse is most expected to reinvent the existing dynamics of businesses and also other aspects of life. Launch your metaverse to a global audience with our custom-made metaverse solutions. We assist the technical and development requirements of your intended business project to help you establish a ready-to-launch metaverse.