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Smart Contract Audit & Development Solutions

Smart contracts are automated, self-executing, immutable agreements on the blockchain. The terms of these contracts are encrypted and cannot be changed after the execution of a smart contract. Also, smart contracts are transparent and trackable when used on a public blockchain like Ethereum.

It is an agreement between two people in the form of a computer code. They run on a blockchain, so they are stored on a public database and cannot be changed. The activities that take place in the smart contract are processed by the blockchain, which means that they can be sent automatically without a third party.

Mobiloitte is a leading smart contract development company in the US. With the development of tons of smart contracts with hard work, we are well suited to developing smart contracts for your company. We have experts in various aspects of smart contract development. Our attention to detail ensures that we excel in all our projects and have excellent customer ratings. We are constantly evolving, and we are using the best technology for all projects.

Benefits of Smart Contract

Speed, Efficiency, and Accuracy

The contract is executed as soon as the condition is met. Because smart contracts are digital and automated, there is no paperwork to deal with, and no time wasted in correcting possible errors when completing documentation by hand.

Trust and Transparency

There's no need to worry about information being tampered with for personal gain because there's no third party engaged and encrypted transaction logs are exchanged among participants.


Because blockchain transaction records are encrypted, because each entry on a distributed ledger is linked to the entries before and after it, hackers will need to change the entire series in order to change one record.


Smart contracts eliminate the need for coordinators to conduct transactions, as well as time delays and the rewards that come with it.

How Will our Smart Contract Audit Solutions Benefit You ?


Eliminate Post-Deployment Errors

A thorough audit of the blockchain application prior to the development lifecycle helps to avoid possible errors after the app launch.

Expert Review

Our experienced auditors and blockchain experts work together to test your code to find existing and potential loopholes while removing the same.

Detailed Analysis Report

We provide a comprehensive report comprising risk information and mitigation guidelines - after a thorough review of the smart contract.


Guaranteed Compliance

Our solutions can help you determine if your smart contract complies with appropriate regulatory requirements or needs any alteration.

Our Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contract Design and Development

We build unique smart contracts with features that suit a several industries. Our solutions provide the creation of an error-free and manageable contract, with understandable and actionable digital contracts.

Smart Contract Audit

Our smart contract developers fully verify the programmed code before uploading it to the mainnet, ensuring complete durability by correcting errors and security risks.

Smart Contract optimization

Our team presents a prototype of a smart contract optimization approach to the client and use them to optimize the smart contract to reduce the average gas cost and computation resources.

Smart Contract dApp Development

An idea is all you need. We create and implement decentralized applications of any level if you have a whitepaper, some scratch code, or even an existing blockchain.

Smart Contract DEX Development

We support decentralized crypto exchanges by creating smart contracts that can automate business operations and use contract management that protects the confidentiality of your private data.

Smart Contract Digital Wallet

We help you start the most secure crypto wallet for your business with our reliable smart contract development services. At Mobiloitte, we make your business to have faster transactions with an improved level of security.

Blockchain Platforms, We work on

We implement smart contracts to automate business operations on the following blockchain platforms

● Polkadot

● Stellar

● Near Protocol

● Ethereum

● Hyperledger


● Tron

● Tezos

Working of Smart Contract Audits

First, the parties to the contract must determine the terms of the contract. After the terms of the contract are finalized, it is translated into the programming code. Basically, the code represents a number of conditional statements that describe potential scenarios of a future transaction.

Once the code is created, it is stored on the blockchain network and is replicated between participants in the blockchain.

Then, the code is run and executed by all the computers in the network. If the contract period is satisfied and verified by all blockchain network participants, then a fair transaction is executed

Industries for Smart Contract Development Services

Mobiloitte develop smart contract solutions that include the following industries but are not limited to them

● Legal Industry

● Supply Chain Management

● EIntellectual property

● Health Care

● Energy Sector

● Banking and Securities

● Fintech

● Commodity Trading

● Retail Industry

● Cryptocurrency Exchange

● Accounting for Remittances

● Digital Asset Exchange


Why Choose Mobiloitte for Smart Contract Solutions?

Mobiloitte expert team focuses on developing smart contract-based solutions to existing industry problems using Ethereum, Hyperledger and EOS-based smart contracts. Our team has conducted a huge number of smart contract audits covering all major project types protocols. We offer the most comprehensive range of smart contract audit services to help businesses streamline operations.